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ADA is powerful software for managing day-to-day operations in repair shops. It offers features that competing products do not. With these, you can make your own work smoother and serve your customers more flexibly. You will also earn more, since making sales and providing customers with additional services have been made particularly easy.

Some of the key features of ADA are listed below. You can then start a free trial period, exploring all of the software’s features and how ADA can improve the efficiency of your repair shop.


Creating a order is smooth and easy. You can easily see the total costs and breakdown quickly. Easy content management makes your everyday life easier. You can generate a receipt based on the work order and choose  card, cash or invoice as a payment method.

ADA Next icon 1Eliminate the overlapping work

You could help your mechanics work far more independently. You’ll always need to answer the occasional question for them, but you could give them easy access to nearly all the information they need. You’d eliminate most of the overlapping work in your shop while also reducing the number of mistakes you need to deal with.

LippulogoSimple to learn and use

It takes only a few minutes for your employees to learn to use ADA Drive. The simple calendar not only makes scheduling work easier for anyone, it also automatically provides people with much of the information they previously had to work hard to find. And if you ever have a question or a new employee needs training, we’re happy to help; we’re a friend for small repair shops, not a software developer.

TyökalulogoTrack easily your business

Your current method of keeping track of things might work fine, but it’s far from the most efficient. For your business to grow, you need to enable your mechanics to spend more of their time on billable work and you need to be able to easily track what goes on in the business. That’s what a modern repair shop software should do for you.


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A workflow management system for an auto repair shop has a couple of essential tasks:
- Organizing work and facilitating its completion.
- Streamlining appointment scheduling and assisting management in selecting suitable service times for customers.
- Collecting management-related data and making its utilization easier.
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Five stars. Recommended by our customers.

Easy, intuitive and quick to use.
It's good that there is a cloud service, it's nice to use even away from the workshop

JT-Carfix, Helsinki

Five stars. Recommended by our customers.

An easy-to-use and convenient tool for the repair shop.
I recommend!

Autohuolto Kariste, Helsinki