Improve the efficiency of your car repair shop with ADA Base
Modern software for managing your company’s everyday operations
Upgrade your automotive repair
shop with ADA Drive
Fast and versatile resource planning system made specially
with and for automotive repair industry.
Clear pricing, customer support

Our pricing is clear, you always know what you’re paying for and will avoid nasty surprises. This is important to businesses when looking ahead.

Our customer support will be at your service in every situation, to ensure that your company gains the full benefits of our software. We do not charge for customer service, as we believe it should be part of the package.

A Finnish product made to meet your needs

Our software has been built to meet the needs and challenges encountered in repair shop operations, based on decades of experience in managing Finnish car repair shops.

Also suitable for car washes, damage repair and small machine repair shops

Whether you are running a repair shop, car wash or a bike or construction machine maintenance shop, ADA will provide a solution suitable for you.There are two versions of ADA, which will provide your company with a wide range of tools for managing day-to-day work.

Find out about the software features


ADA is powerful software for managing day-to-day operations in car repair shops. It offers features that competing products do not. With these, you can make your own work smoother and serve your customers more flexibly. You will also earn more, since making sales and providing customers with additional services have been made particularly easy.

Some of the key features of ADA are listed below. You can then start a free trial period, exploring all of the software’s features and how ADA can improve the efficiency of your repair shop.

The repair shop calendar

The calendar keeps all your jobs easily manageable and in order. You can view matters directly in the calendar, such as cars that have been brought in and finished, and invoiced jobs.

  • Jobs for the day and the booking situation for the entire month are kept up to date at all times
  • Dividing jobs between mechanics and different days is child's play, and you can easily change the length of a reservation by ‘stretching’ it. You can add a new reservation quickly, by clicking on a vacant spot
  • The colour of each reservation indicates its status. You will also see whether the necessary parts have been ordered, and can check the contents of a reservation just by moving your mouse cursor over it

Work order creation and management

The full range of features needed for processing a work order from start to finish are available in a clear 'work order' view. You will be able to build a work order including the next scheduled maintenance or change of tyres, or a specific repair job, faster than ever before.

  • The work order and calendar work seamlessly together. You will see a suitable time for the job in the calendar when creating the overall job
  • Car and owner information by vehicle registration number
  • Printing out and sending a quote to the customer
  • These features are logically placed and take just a few moments to learn. You no longer need to remember complex keyboard shortcuts. All changes are saved automatically, with no need for separate Save buttons

The right spare parts and jobs for all cars

The software displays car maintenance, repairs, and the compatible spare parts needed for them. You may have previously needed to use up to 4-5 programs to find information needed for creating a work order. Now, everything is available with just a few clicks and a single application.

  • Based on the car’s technical information and mileage, get the contents of the next scheduled maintenance within seconds
  • Compatible repairs and spare parts are easy to find due to clear categorisations
  • A range of prices for your mechanics’ work are enabled by make-specific pricing of jobs and guideline time multipliers, and prioritisation of spare parts and product categorisation-specific pricing
  • It is easy to create a spare parts order for a supplier, containing the right parts for the car in question. You no longer need to order extras – you’ll be free of inconvenient part returns

Work management

For maintenance and repairs, the software offers features that facilitate the work of mechanics and supervisors.

  • The car maintenance history is stored in the software, which helps you assess the maintenance need. The maintenance history can be downloaded to ADA from your old software
  • A maintenance checklist can be printed as a clearly filled-out receipt for both the mechanic inspecting the car and the customer
  • Repair images and instructions enable mechanics to perform every necessary stage of the work.
  • Job stamping allows you to monitor the efficiency of individual mechanics

Repair manuals and information

The repair manuals and repair information is an additional feature for ADA Base and ADA Lite. This package will significantly ease and support the mechanics' work.

  • Repair manuals for precise graphical instructions
  • Technical data for tightening torques, liquid classifications and filling quantities, adjustment values, change intervals etc.
  • Wiring diagrams, engine measurement and exhaust gas values. Fuse and relay assignment.
  • Recall campaigns and service bulletins made by the manufacturer

See more details about the instructions here (in Finnish)

Booking service for your own website

ADA is more than just software for everyday use in a car repair shop. One of its features is a booking service which you can start using and add to your website.

The booking service allows your customers to make their next car maintenance reservations for themselves. This creates a finished work order for you to process, which you can view in your repair shop calendar as soon as the customer has booked a time. You have full control over the services your customers can book through the service, whether they concern the next scheduled maintenance, a tyre change, a pre-planned repair or troubleshooting.Read more about the booking system and its possibilities

ADAn ajanvarauspalvelun esittely

ADA is used by small and big repair shops across Finland.

Five stars. Recommended by our customers.

ADA Base on sitä nykyaikaisuutta, jota me olemme toivoneet omaan toimintaan. Ohjelmiston käyttö selaimessa mahdollistaa asiakkaiden palvelemisen miltä laitteelta tahansa ja mistä tahansa. ADA:n asiakaspalvelu ja kehitys kuuntelee hyvin asiakkaansa tarpeita ja ohjelmisto onkin kehittynyt hienosti käytön aikana. Voimme suositella ADA Drivea kumppaniksi ja Basea työkaluksi korjaamon toimintaan.

Aurinkotien Auto, Naantali

Five stars. Recommended by our customers.

Erittäin helppokäyttöinen ja toimiva ohjelma. Ohjelma tukee korjaamon toimintaa tarjoamalla käyttöön kattavat tiedot huoltokustannuksista sekä tarvittavista varaosista, nopeuttaa esim. tarjousten tekemistä. Plussaa erityisesti siitä, että ohjelmaa pystyy käyttämään myös miltä tahansa laitteelta ja missä tahansa.

Autohuolto Canoma, Helsinki

Five stars. Recommended by our customers.

ADA Base oli kilpailuun osallistuneiden opiskelijoiden käytössä asiakaspalvelutehtävissä. Jokainen osallistuja loi sillä työmääräyksen kilpailutehtävässä huoltamaansa autoon. Ohjelma havaittiin helppokäyttöiseksi ja ADA Drive luotettavaksi kumppaniksi tapahtuman järjestelyissä. Kun korjaamojärjestelmän käyttö on luontevaa, voivat opiskelijat keskittyä paremmin itse työhön.

Taitaja 2019 lajivastaava

Katso video tapahtumasta

Five stars. Recommended by our customers.

Helppo ja ennen kaikkea nopea käytössä. Ei jatkuvaa kirjautumista ja nopea herätellä aamusta

Autokorjaamo Marko T, Kuhmo

Five stars. Recommended by our customers.

Helppokäyttöinen ja kätevä työkalu korjaamolle. Suosittelen!

Autohuolto Kariste, Helsinki

Five stars. Recommended by our customers.

Helppo, selkeä ja nopeakäyttöinen. Hyvä että on pilvipalvelu, mukava käyttää myös korjaamolta poissa ollessa

JT-Carfix, Helsinki

Five stars. Recommended by our customers.

ADA Base oleellisena osana Autohuolto Karppinen Oy digitalisaatioprojektia. Uusi toiminnanohjausjärjestelmä on tarjonnut tuntuvia tehokkuushyötyjä.

Autohuolto Karppinen, Haukipudas

Five stars. Recommended by our customers.

ADA Base tarjoaa nopean ja kustannustehokkaan tavan laskea tarjouksia ja laskuttaa asiakkaita korjaus- ja huoltotöistä. Nopea haku auton tiedoilla ja selkeä käytettävyys on meidän mielestä vahvuudet ohjelmistossa.

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