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‍Good management improves the legal protection of an auto repair shop

At coffee tables and online, we often come across stories of how dealings with an auto repair shop have gone awry. The common story is that a customer has ordered one thing, the repair shop has understood and consequently done something else, and when it comes to the bill, everything becomes a murky and frustrating experience.

Work orders are always made in writing

The simplest way to ensure clarity is to create quotes directly in the operations management system, making it easy to assign work to mechanics after the customer's approval. This would also improve customer satisfaction in many repair shops and reduce the need for extra clarification.

Protect your auto repair shop from problems

Good management and its proper use have various benefits from the perspective of the legal protection of an auto repair shop:

  • Clearer and more robust contracts in case of disputes (clarity, safety, work performed can be invoiced)
  •  Fewer complaints about pricing (clear information about what has been agreed upon and at what price) 
  • Enables quick resolution of problem situations (work orders)
  • Makes problem identification easier (e.g., a certain mechanic's vehicles have a higher number of complaints, etc.)

All this in addition to the fact that the actual business operates better when things are smoother.

ADA Next makes all of this possible, and you can get it for free for two weeks by creating an account.